Ishmael Mosinyi Botswana Poultry Association

The history of the poultry industry in Botswana provides a good story of an unsophisticated activity that was merely used for sustenance and a special occasions treat, to the current myriad of products that easily make it to an average of three meals a week for most people in the country. . Who is better placed to narrate the spectacular growth than experienced Mr Ishmael Mosinyi? Mr Mosinyi commands first hand experience in the poultry industry having served in it for well over four decades. Training in Swaziland, Germany and USA, His tertiary training prepared him for a life long career in the industry after developing the passion for agriculture during his secondary school days .He recalls a certain Mr Spencer who he worked with in the 1980s. Through their work commercial farming of chicken was made possible. They imported parent stock from overseas and through breeding centres in various villages through out the country the industry slowly blossomed. This gave way to more investment in the country. At the current moment the poultry industry is established thanks to the interventions from the government and the industry players. Small players have learnt to live in harmony with big and established companies. Opportunities do exist with free range indigenous chickens being such product line which could be explored. Mr Mosinyi is content with the path he took in the industry despite the usual challenges which he is always determined to overcome

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