Stay Engaged

The Individual/ Family team would have found thier place as an eLxA Life Doer and/or SOuLVA. The next important step is to stay engaged. This would be achieved the transacting with the Doers Bites gathered and enabling them to grow and blossom as needed

Gather the Doers Bites

 Once registered and onboarded, The eLxA Life Doers uses the tools provided by eLxA  Central to gather the  Doers Bites. These could fall under the Doers Chunks of Home, Economic, Social & Leisure, Community or Other Category. 

  eLxA Life Doers Bite

    An action carried out by an individual ( Doer) to achieve a good quality of life, interpreted  shown as a daily average  

gather elxa bites
The tools provided by eLxA Central enable you to identify and count the verbs in your life or that of your family teams. Doers Bites are the Verbs in three dimension.

Transact/Hold Doers Bites

 The Doers Bites Gathered enable the individual of Family team to carry out the living activity. These transactional activities would enable them to use the bite to obtain what they desire in life based on the chunks. As an example economic bites would enable economic prosperity.. 

transact your bites

  Transact/ Hold

    Using you Doers Bite to achieve personal aims  through existing predetermined actions. This could be through act

The transacting using the .Verbs and subsequent Doers Bites helps to achieve a good quality of life. The balancing of those supplied and demanded enables the creation of value.

Get Support

eLxA Life Doers strive for continuous improvement. The Doers bites that are already in use are grown through the use of eLxA Central’s support.. 


    Using you Doers Bite to achieve personal aims  through existing predetermined actions. This could be through act

Every step of the way the eLxA Central will extend it hand to support journey as a eLxA Doers. This would help you grow and flourish.

Activities that keep the home homely.


The Home Chunk host the verbs and Doers Bites that cover the home  activities, examples include sleeping, gardening , home appliance maintenance etc. These what the family team or individual carry out to turn the house into a home.

"'What we do in the home help add value to our lives, the home is the launch centre for all other activities ."

The things you do to with those around you, socialise and pass time


Social activities  and Leisure are an important component of life. It includes activities such as sports, entertainments, socialising with friends etc , Example of eLxA verbs play, sing, watch, run etc

"You work hard and play hard, some would say. The social and leisure component of life add the meaning and good sense of living to ones life."

The activities that put bread to the table.


The actvities include  business undertaking which could cover agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, technology, services etc. Team member might be involves in the economic activity through selling their labour  ie working for an entity. 

''This is where the bread is buttered, The activities that ensures that are ,maintained''

The community activities around you, your town, village city or country


In the places that we reside in, we have people that we live with,. As individual or families they have a role in that community. The verbs include collaborate, vote, guide, lead, etc  

" We are who we are because of the people we live with, communities carry culture and practices that influence how we live our individual lives."

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