Reap the Rewards

The good work that the eLxA Life Doers put in, leads to some benefits. The benefits harvested range from non tangible one like sense of belonging to the tangible one such as monetary, increase in wealth and availability of factors that enable a good quality of living.


Grow the Doers Bite

The initially accumulated eLxA Doers Bite provides an initial base through which the bites will be grown.


Self Service

Through the use of the tools provided by the eLxA Life Doers Kit, the eLxA Doers can grow their Doers Bite account .



The training and guidance by the eLxA Life Doers Kit also enable the growing of the Doers Bites.



There are dedicated consultancy packages which enable the growing of eLxA Life Doers Bites in dedicated industries.

Monitoring the eLxA Performance

The performance of the eLxA Verb Account is monitored to ensur e that the outcomes meets the expectations .

The eLxA Life Doers Kit Offers the opportunity consider the performance against the goals that have been set as part of the ‘Get Started” Process. These  are set against every facet of the eLxA.

Optimise your eLxA Verb Account



Consult the eLxA Central for assessment of current situation.



Recommendations of required interventions .



Implementation of the ramp up eLxA Account



Constantly review the interventions implemented 

Get assistance from eLxA Central

The eLxA Central is always available to assist in the identification and harnessing of benefits accrued while using the eLxA Life Doers . Enquiries can be done by phone messaging or  email