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In your every day life, from the economic undertakings to the social, community and leisure pursuits we have the tools and means that will enable you to achieve the good quality of life desired

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Do the Doer’s Do. We bring to you the tools of our times. The eLxA Doers Suite is a careful crafted enabler that has the Doers in mind. We are people of action just like the people we serve. You the Doers. We know only action gives you the greatest satisfaction in this life.   The eLxA Doers Kit takes this into consideration and equips the Doers with the right armoury to traverse any terrain. Like a hunter who gets his figurative bows and arrows, packs his supplies for the expedition we help you plan your journey of action.  We know life can be uncertain and is filled with stumbles and falls. As you make it through this expedition called life we help you operate with our tools. The valleys and mountains are crossed with ease. From innovation and creativity, finances, health and wellness to sustainable living we hand hold you and your family team. As the music of our living days plays you can dance through it with the rhythm of the eLxA Doers Kit. The kit is the bed rock for the 5-95 Legacies, eLxA Doers Bites and the eLxA BenefMeter

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Packages for the eLxA Life Doers

eLxA Glitering diamonds

Glittering Diamond

Only Limited Number of eLxA Doers in a Geographic Location. This offers unlimited Services for the eLxA Doers Suite as per the agreed schedule 

eLxA Presidential lane

Presidential Gold

The Premium offering from the eLxA Central. This allows more contact time with eLxA Central and a minimum of 5X benefits from using the eLxA product offering.

go on the eLxA spotless silver

Spotless Silver

Middle of Park. Suitable for those enthusiasts willing to enjoy the benefits of the eLxA Doers Kit. The benefits targeted are 3X invested resources for the eLxA Doers

Early Bronze

Earthly Bronze

This is the lowest entry level package.

elXA Support Program

Assisted Programme

Circumstances should not bring an end to the Doers dreams. From Students to Economically disadvantaged the eLxA Central gives them a chance

Why become an eLxA Doer?

The transformation to become an eLxA Life Doer requires the concerted effort of the individual/ family met by the specially prepared product offering from eLxA Central , Through out the journey the following will be enjoyed

Intent and Purpose

eLxA Doers have a defined and rich personal strategy behind how they approach life. This makes their life to more purposeful and clearly defined. The short term is balanced with the long term view.

Balanced Life

eLxA Doers know the importance of maintaining a balance of work and play, business and pleasure so as to increase their effectiveness. This is seen through out the eLxA journey

Access To Experts

Through the Soulvas Drive, Support given by eLxA Central, the eLxA Doers would have access to experts in all areas that their life pursuit takes them to. This would also empower Doers.

Cost effectiveness

For every Assistance, every effort put it in by the eLxA Life Doers , there is a correlated return that will pay back the initial cost outlay. This make eLxA inherent cost effective.. Benefits are always tracked

Community Feel

The eLxA Doers Suite provides an opportunity to be part of a community where experiences are shared and lessons provided. This also allows cross pollination of ideas and good practices

Fun Entertaining

The light-naturedness of the eLxA while giving the right dedication and attention to aspects that matter make it fun and entertaining, ,enabling all to take part

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Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“We as a family are proud of being part of the eLxA initiative. The tools have brought clarity to a lot of areas of our lives, from our day to day jobs to our other economic activities ”

A. G. Moitseemang

Mother of two, wife, teacher and farmer.

The thought of making it in the world after university really had me scared. I didn''t know where to start, the eLxA Doers Suite and eLxA Verb Account came as an answer, i'm currently active with my business venture. It has also facilitated the relation that i have with my parent and enable tapping on the experience
B.H Moloi
Graduate , Aspiring Businessman, Sports enthuasist
Our lives improved more than three fold once we started doing the doers do. We obtained the necessary assistance through the pre prepared programs that enable one to plan and implementing the plans and getting the necessary support. We can recommend it to anyone who wants a breakthrough through their own sweat and hard work.
B. Pilane
Grandmother, Business Woman
I dont like talking and talking but not getting anything done. With the eLxA Life Doers Suite i have found a place i belong. My willingness to get thing done has met a match
M K Edwards

We are in it for the long haul. Legacy of doing...

100 Years

100 Year Timeline Milestones

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